Insurance Specialists

Were you involved in a tree-related accident?

If a tree has fallen on your property, you may feel confused as to who you should contact first. At Serious Tree Services, we cannot only provide tree removal services, but we also have insurance specialists on staff, as well! Our insurance specialists can assist you if a tree has fallen on your home, business, or car, or if a tree on your property has fallen and damaged another individual’s property.

Unfortunately, trees can fall for various reasons, such as:

  • Storms
  • Disease
  • Damage

An insurance specialist on our staff can work alongside you to help determine who’s tree it is, who is at fault and liable, and access the damage for insurance purposes. Once everything is determined, if you wish, our tree removal professionals can remove the tree from your property as quickly and safely as possible. Contact our office at (770) 439-6890 for unparalleled Atlanta tree services!

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