Hazard Assessments

Is a tree on or around your property threatening your structure?

While trees can be gorgeous and majestic, they can also be potentially dangerous. If a tree is not properly cared for or is infected, it can pose a risk to structures and objects around it. Serious Tree Services provides a multitude of tree services, including hazard assessments. A member from our team can come to your property, assess the tree, and determine if it is, in fact, a risk to your property and/or other properties.

If it is a risk, we may suggest one of the following services:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree treatment
  • Tree trimming / pruning

Our tree hazard assessment professionals can use state-of-the-art instruments to determine the potential hazard your tree may pose. For example, we can utilize a root excavator, which uses pressurized air to blow soil away from your tree’s roots nearest the trunk so its system can be evaluated for any rot, breaks, or other signs of weakness. We can also use lean indicators, which are installed beneath the grown to measure the lean of your tree as time passes. Contact us today to schedule your hazard assessment at (770) 439-6890.

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