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The team at Serious Tree Services offers both residential and commercial tree trimming and removal services. No matter how many trees throughout your property need trimming / removing, we can be of assistance! There is no such thing as a job too complicated or simple for our team. We have more than 25 years of experience and use state-of-the-art tools for tree trimming and removal services.

Our Atlanta tree services are as follows:

  • Hazard Assessments– If you have reason to believe a tree is a hazard to your property or others’ properties, we can assess it and determine the proper course of action.
  • Emergency Storm Service– In the event of a storm knocking over a tree on your property, we can remove it promptly and safely.
  • Tree Removal– Whether a tree is diseased or is overgrowing your property, our team can remove it efficiently, quickly, and affordably.
  • Insurance Specialists– If a tree falls on your property and damages buildings, cars, or other objects. We can determine the ownership of the tree and necessary damages.
  • Crane Services– Large trees can be incredibly difficult, or even impossible, to remove from properties without the use of a crane.
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning– Our tree trimming and pruning professionals can trim specific or every tree throughout your property so it looks beautiful once more.
  • Tree Treatment & Arborist Services– Is your tree looking sickly? Instead of cutting it down, we may be able to treat said disease. Our arborist can assess the disease, as well as determine treatment options.

Serious Leaders in the Tree Industry

Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we can provide 24/7 emergency services. Do not risk your life and/or your property by attempting to trim or remove trees. You can receive a free estimate from our team at Serious Tree Services by calling us at (770) 439-6890 today.

What Sets Us Apart

  • 25 Years of Experience
  • Free Estimates Available
  • Licensed, Insured, and Bonded
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available