Crane Services

The Safest, Most Effective Way to Remove Trees

Using a crane to remove a tree from an individual’s property is not only the fastest way but the safest and most cost-effective method, as well. Traditional tree removal methods are often incredibly labor-intensive and take hours. Rigging and lowering a tree can waste copious amounts of time, and can also result in nearby structure or object damage. A crane is the most time-effective, affordable option when it comes to removing a tree from your residential or commercial property.

The crane tree removal process includes:

  • Assessing the tree
  • Determining the best area for the crane
  • Stabilizing the crane once it is positioned
  • Lifting a tree cutter/climber into place
  • Cutting and dissembling the tree piece by piece until it is completely removed

Our crane tree removal professionals at Serious Tree Services have more than 25 years of experience and are crane certified. Don’t risk your life and damage to your property by attempting to remove a tree yourself. Call us at (770) 439-6890 to schedule a free estimate for our crane removal services today.

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